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Teresa Palmer Is A Total Babe Even If You Can’t Really Tell In These Photos.

Not everyone can look perfect on the beach every second of every day despite what some of the models we sometimes feature on this page would have you believe. In these photos from Hawaii, we catch a few shots that might not be showing Teresa in the most flattering light. Girl is clearly getting the sun in her eyes in some of them giving her a rather stern looking appearance. Doesn’t matter. She’s still smoking hot. I lover this woman for many reasons. Perhaps at the top of that list would be the fact that she seems to be a pretty normal girl. The very fact that one of her upcoming films, “Warm Bodies”, is described as a zombie love story only makes me love her more. I can’t wait to see that one. It has two things I adore but are rarely combined – a love story and zombies. It can’t fail.


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