written by Wanda

Teresa Palmer Without Makeup In LA

I know a lot of people like to give celebrities without makeup a hard time but I don’t think that’s fair. While I think Teresa Palmer looks better with makeup, I don’t think she looks bad without it. She looks less polished and far more natural and that really appeals to me. Here in these photos, snapped in LA, Teresa has that whole “I don’t care if you take my picture” kind of vibe going on despite the fact that she isn’t wearing makeup and her hair is a little on the, shall we say, casual side. I think that’s gutsy. There aren’t a lot of women in the entertainment industry who would feel confident enough to hit the streets looking this unfussed with and I think that’s why I like these pictures so much.


  • great ass

  • First off her body is great. But she looks a little rough with out the makeup on. I mean it is great to not have to be dependent on the makeup but I think that I would have worn a bit to cover up the roughness.

  • she is quite nice looking, great ass, refreshing to see pics of women with no make up tho