written by Christine

Teri Hatcher Is A Desperate Housewife

And then we have Ms. Teri Hatcher, who is giving all new meaning to the word desperate housewife. I would definitely say this house frau look she is gunning for her is less frau and more, uh, I don’t know, you feel in the blank. But there is definitely a look of desperation in her eyes here, in a come hither french maid sort of housewife way. And speaking of her eyes, is it just me, or have hers seen some professional hands? Not sure what, but *something* is different.

Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher Desperate Housewife Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher Photo Shoot Teri Hatcher 4.jpg Teri Hatcher 5.jpg Teri Hatcher 6.jpg Teri Hatcher 7.jpg Teri Hatcher 8.jpg Teri Hatcher 9.jpg Teri Hatcher 10.jpg Teri Hatcher 11.jpg Teri Hatcher 12.jpg Teri Hatcher 13.jpg Teri Hatcher 14.jpg Teri Hatcher 15.jpg Teri Hatcher 16.jpg Teri Hatcher 17.jpg


  • yeeeh, get down on the floor :))

  • Li55, What do you have in mind… you dirty boy :))

  • w3 – use your imagination on this! :*

  • Hehe, I would do her in doggy!

  • I have stuff that needs cleaning really bad.

  • she has the women next door look to her which I love so much, much more classy and elegant, lovely milf with a great body, love to open a door to her

  • i certainly wouldn’t kick her out of bed, fit as fuck

  • Teri on her knees, I know what job I would like her to do in that position, she is a good looking women with a nice figure, saw her in an episode of Two And a half men just the other day and I was thinking man she is beauty, glad she has sexy pics on here.

    sexy women


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