written by irene

Thalia Is Lunada Belleza

Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda, simply known as Thalia, a.k.a. the woman Sony president Tommy Motola married after he and Mariah Carey split (that’s too much Hollywood information in one sentence, no?), looks like a goddess in purple during the news conference for her new album “Lunada.” The Mexican beauty, who rose to global fame through her telenovelas “Marimar” and “Rosalinda,” still sports the tiniest waist I have ever seen! Hope her album sells well! Click for more photos of the belleza that is Thalia!


Sodi Miranda sexy Thalia Thalia got nice legs new Album goddess in purple Thalia 6.jpg Thalia 7.jpg Thalia smiling Thalia 9.jpg Thalia 10.jpg Thalia 11.jpg Thalia 12.jpg Thalia 13.jpg

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  • Thalia is very nice, lovely and beautiful girl. Her voice is deep gold miracle of America Latina.