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Thandie Newton Promotes RocknRolla

Thandie Newton wore a daring dress with thigh splitting slits. She showed off her valley and gorgeous legs. Newton was at the premiere of RocknRolla, in London, on September 1. This movie was directed by Madonna’s husband, Guy Ritchie. Newton starred as an accountant named Stella in this movie. She had a sex scene with Gerard Butler. On the day that they were filming their sex tape scene, Newton told Butler she would not be kissing him because he was ill. Poor Butler missed out in getting a hot steamy kiss with Newton!

Thandie Newton

RocknRolla gorgeous legs valley Thandie Newton Thandie Newton posing on red carpet Thandie Newton smiling Thandie Newton 7.jpg beautiful Thandie Newton


  • First that dress is nasty!
    Second she is the one who missed out on kiss Gerard.

    He is way too hot for her. That relationship is not believable!

  • she is good looking, nice legs


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