written by irene

The Ass Shot Of Jojo

Here’s a poll: do you think “Baby It’s You” singer Jojo has a nice butt or not? Just answer YES or NO. Go! Let’s see who among you find this former teeny bopper (who’s not a girl but not yet a woman) sexy and has all the makings of a desirable diva. Here’s Jojo as she tries on a painfully tight dress at the Levesque at Betsey Johnson Boutique in Soho, New York City. Girl has to splurge at least some of that money, right? I’m not sure if the last few photos are planned or what… but what’s important is that she looks gooooooood in those enviable pair of shoes!

JoJo Ass

JoJo Johnson Boutique in Soho JoJo 3.jpg JoJo 4.jpg JoJo 5.jpg JoJo 6.jpg JoJo 7.jpg JoJo 8.jpg JoJo 9.jpg JoJo 10.jpg JoJo 11.jpg JoJo 12.jpg JoJo 13.jpg JoJo 14.jpg JoJo 15.jpg


  • YES

  • YES

  • So was Hayden… they all grown up.

  • Yes

  • She not only has a sexy ass but a sexy everything! Yowza!

  • 17? Shoot she’s legal in New York!

  • GOD DAMN THATS SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • God, she is HOT!! I’d lick that HOT, HOT ass all night long. She is the SEXIEST woman in music, bar none!!!

  • how I would love to stick my thong between those tender cheeks and then up that little (cause am sure it’s little) asshole yummy!!!

  • Philip and Dan, you are hilarious. Especially Dan.

  • YES

  • She’s gorgeous.

  • Absolutely Yes!!…Everything about her body is good!!

  • phil and dan are making me hot. jojo is a fine specimen of a wild woman, she is so natural and in touch with her animal side. yummy! mm-hmmmxxx

  • i would crawl on my hands and knees behind Her so i could be ready 2 lick Her HOT SEXY ASS clean. let someone else be Her PA, i want 2 be Her Personal Ass Licker (PAL)!!!!

  • the ass is outstanding! check out those muscular calves! best legs out there

  • well i’m in the uk and she’s been legal here for over two years. having said that, being honest. I’ve wanted to hit it since at least 2004! YES!

  • Jojo has superb ass

  • nice fat pussy aswell, i would soap that ass

  • i will lick that ass whole night and ……….

  • I would like her to poop right in front of me with her legs spread and her fingers stretching her anus, then my tongue would serve as toilet paper, then I would like to drink it all with her piss and then I would like all her body and I wish her armpits were fetid so I could smell and imbibe all this divine odor.

  • I want to have Miley Cirus, Taylor Swift and JoJo all in my bed. It would be a grandiose foursome where we would lick and fuck each other all night long.

  • YES!! She has a great everything!!

  • Хотелось бы мне пришпандорить мой инструмент в её обворожительную и очаровательную попку. Было бы так замечательно разработать её втройне, то есть пальцами, языком и членом.

  • God she is so fuckin hot, what a babe she is, what I would give to spend one night with her.

  • Id shag her all night, suck her sexy toes all night, smash her back doors in she is too hot, her ass is so good her feet are so good she has it all, Im wanking off just looking at that ass.

  • i really love jojo i want to get marry her is want to get marry with a afgha man ?

  • she is a babe and a half, fit as fuck, great ass shots, I love this girl

  • god she is perfect, imagine getting on your knees and doing all sorts of things to her ass, her tits, her feet, she is incredible.

    sex with jojo is my dream

  • great ass

  • she is perfect not a skinny girl either has meat on her bones, real curves, now she is a real women, proper one love chicks like this


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