written by irene

The Colorful Duff Sisters

Haylie and Hilary Duff recently attended Animal World and expressed their care and concern for their furry friends. Isn’t that pooch just too cute for words? Meanwhile, the Duff sisters sure grabbed a lot of attention when they strutted their stuff on the red carpet donned in those pretty outfits. Hilary was particularly interesting to look at in purple! Haylie bustier dress was sweet, too! What do you think?

Duff Sisters

Duff Sisters 2.jpg Duff Sisters 3.jpg Duff Sisters 4.jpg Duff Sisters 5.jpg Duff Sisters 6.jpg Duff Sisters 7.jpg Duff Sisters 8.jpg Duff Sisters 9.jpg Duff Sisters 10.jpg Duff Sisters 11.jpg Duff Sisters 12.jpg


  • Love that first picture.

  • both girls are very hot but for me haylie has the edge

  • both sexy looking girls i prefer hilary tho still

  • can I have both please, both fit

  • both are great looking girls with nice figures, must say Hilary is something else though, her figure is immense, both girls wearing sexy outfits here and showing off their great legs, awesome pics


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