written by Christine

The Fabulous Alana Curry

Here is the fabulous Alana Curry stunning the crowd at The Air I Breathe premiere. And yes, she’s dressed to kill in this gorgeous two-toned mini dress with what have to be the cutest shoes on the planet. I want! The look is great, not too much, not too little, juuuust right.

Kinda like a 21st century Goldilocks, right? You may be asking who this girl is. Oh come on. You’ve seen her. She’s hit all the soaps that actually mean something, and fans of the good ol’ 90210 days will recognize her as well. But if you don’t want to admit you’re either a daytime or nighttime soap fan, that’s your business.

But you also have probably seen her in Terminator 3 if you’re an action flick lover. Does it matter? The girl is divine, and she’s definitely one of Hollywood’s up-and-comers. Don’t believe me? Well, you know, there actually was a day when you’d never heard of a girl named Alba either. Keep an eye out, Alana is on the way up. And with a look like this, wow! It won’t be long!

Alana Curry

Terminator 3 Alana Curry 3.jpg Alana Curry 4.jpg Alana Curry 5.jpg Alana Curry 6.jpg Alana Curry 7.jpg Alana Curry 8.jpg


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