written by irene

The Leopardess Hilary Duff

Teeny bopper Lizzie McGuire no more, teen sensation Hilary Duff has now turned into a sexy leopardess slash siren slash temptress. In this FHM UK December 2007 pictorial, Hilary shows what ex boyfriend Joel Madden (now Nicole Richie’s boyfriend, FYI) gave up (just raising a bit of intrigue here fellas haha). Doesn’t it fascinate you that she raises her arm just enough to let you take a peek of her matching underwear?

Hilary Duff FHM

Hilary Duff FHM December 2007 Hilary Duff FHM Pictures Hilary Duff 3.jpg Hilary Duff 4.jpg Hilary Duff 5.jpg Hilary Duff 6.jpg Hilary Duff 7.jpg Hilary Duff 8.jpg Hilary Duff 9.jpg Hilary Duff 10.jpg


  • Hilary Duff has really taken a big turn from 2006! I never really looked at her as sexy back then but now Hilary is hotter than most babes on the scene! I guess it doesn’t really suit her to be on the heavier side then perhaps it’s Hilary’s height as well now she’s just.

    I enjoyed these FHM 2007 pics!

  • you gotta love her… there is no other way.. Hilary is getting too sexy for what words can tell us…

  • Hilary is a mega hot babe – about time she started to show off her natural talents…I’d love to see more of her – sexy and hot – top scores for these pictures.

  • Great pictures. wish they were bigger.

  • She Is so Hot I must have every wallpaper and picture there is of her show more of this lovely Vixen!!! Please