written by irene

The Sugababes Make A Major Comeback

The Sugababes are baaack! Well, technically they haven’t been gone… but I mean they’re back in a major, major way (as you can see!). The sexy, sultry singers recently glammed it up for the bright lights for the Pretty Polly photoshoot. Do their skin tones look amazing or do their skin tones look amazing?! Right after the jump, you’ll see the girls donning cute outfits, too! Don’t you feel like singing “Push The Button” now?


Sugababes Pretty Polly

Sugababes 10.jpg

Sugababes 2.jpg

Sugababes 3.jpg

Naked Sugababes

Sugababes 5.jpg

Sugababes 6.jpg

Sugababes 7.jpg

Sugababes 8.jpg

Sugababes 9.jpg

Sugababes 11.jpg

Sugababes 12.jpg

Sugababes 13.jpg

Sugababes 14.jpg


Sugababes 16.jpg

Sugababes 17.jpg

Sugababes 18.jpg

Sugababes 19.jpg

Sugababes 20.jpg

Sugababes 21.jpg

Sugababes 22.jpg

Sugababes 23.jpg

Sugababes 24.jpg

Sexy Sugababes


  • This surely is a major comeback. They really look like sugababes.
    Their new album is really good too.They have such nice bodies.

  • Chat with flirty girls who are gagging for deep stimulation…. Love it =)

  • i would give my heart for keisha buchanan could you tell her that i wish i was the one for her my real name is not jimbob

  • i would jump of mount everest for keisha

  • still have to say the 2 white chicks are average, keisha wow this girl has it all that body is so fine. my ideal women

  • the black chic is fucking outstanding! what i would do to get a piece of that awesome body. keisha you are perfection

  • keisha is hot as hell

  • Ah, Kate not such a huge deal. Poor guy went on to commit suciide (drug OD) just a short time later. Their kids all went to public school for at least some of their schooling. I didn’t know Scott except to say hello to didn’t share any courses with him (but we sat in the nurse’s office together once!). We had a large school about 1600 students, 680 in my class. The youngest daughter, Susan (quite a bit younger than I) was a student in one of the elementary classes taught by my best friend’s Mom. The Newmans were a fixture in Westport, and generally were left alone, which is why they stayed, I believe. There was always the occasional gawker, though! My brother stood in line next to him at the ice cream shop one day (Baskin-Robbins), and happened to have his camera with him. He asked PN if he could take his picture. The reply was, As long as I don’t have to do anything, OK! So Dick (my bro) snapped away. PN had his sunglasses on (almost always did), but you could still see those blue eyes through the lenses. I’ll have to ask my bro to send me a copy of one of those photos I’ll send you a copy if I get one!

  • id have fun with all of them, they all hot as hell

  • all hotties but keisha is out of this world, i love her

  • keisha buchanan wins but all fit enough for me