written by Wanda

The Taylor Swift Ass Collection: A Joyous Celebration Of Taylor Swift’s Ass

Before I even start, I’d like to point out that I did not come up with this idea. I am not responsible for pulling out the best photos featuring Taylor Swift’s ass and putting them together in the Taylor Swift ass collection. I don’t know who is responsible, actually. Regardless of who gets the credit for this fant-ASS-tic idea, I quite like the results. Of course Taylor is a beautiful, talented young lady who knows how to write a mean pop country song and she deserves credit for that. She also deserves credit for being in shape. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m of the opinion that Taylor is one of the most attractive women in the entertainment industry today. She also seems to be pretty down to earth. All in all, this is a great collection. Kudos to whoever came up with the idea.



  • nice pics of this hottie, we need more taylor swift she is gorgeous, great legs and ass

  • Taylor Swift does not sing my kind of music but she sure does have a fantastic behind. She is good looking as well. She can sing but she needs to get out of the country mode and go to something else.

  • She has no ass…at all. Majorly flat

  • I wouldn’t kick her out of my bed, lets just say that

  • Taylor is so much more than a piece of ass. She is a singer, a song writer, a model. she is a very pretty gal who has a lot of talent. I think that she is one of the hottest superstars that there every were.

    • Agreed. I tried to make it clear I felt that way in my post. I’m not the biggest fan of country music but she’s got quite a few songs I really like. “Mean” is pretty much my anthem.

  • Taylor Swift is absolutely insufferable.

  • I love T Swift. Her music says a lot and she is so pretty. Talent is flying all over the place here. I love the fact that she is also a covergirl. She deserves that with a face like that. I would love to look like her and sing like her.

  • Taylor Swift can sing I give her that much, but the topic of this story rest on her Butt or lack there of. This lady has a beautiful face but you can iron clothes on her rear end. If this article was about her music, no problems but why subject this girl through public humiliation and the truth she has no ass, face it she is as flat as a pancake. And for all you pancake eaters, use plenty of syrup.

  • The girl is incredibly hot, I’d bone her any day

  • Nice ass love to tap it!

  • She needs a bigger rounder ass.

  • no ass, no boobs, and if not for some good makeup work, a face as homely as a post.

  • Flat Chest, Flat Booty, Flat face. I agree she is musically gifted, but not for the talents of good make-up, camera, clothing, etc… she’d rate more toward fugly than beauty on the hotness scale. In this set there’s a bathing suit pic – looks like granny panties are her style – pretty much like a lot of her on stage appearances.

  • what ass, there are way way more women with much better and bigger asses than a girl like taylor swift

  • taylor swift u r hot pieca of ass

  • taylor swift u so beutiful and u r so fuking hot

    • i love t swift she has hot booty and u r so fucking hot