written by Wanda

This Is What Jennifer Nicole Lee Wears To Go Shopping

So here’s a little background about fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee. She started out like so many other women out there – a little out of shape after giving birth to her children and not happy with the way she looked. She decided that she could do something to change that and worked hard to get herself back in shape. She succeeded on many, many levels. She looks incredible and obviously feels much better about herself. She went on to become one of the most respected and admired names in personal fitness. I can’t hold that against her. I’m not a huge fan of the gold dress she’s sporting to shop on Miami Beach but I do love that she has the confidence to wear it. She’s worked hard to get the body she has. She has every right to show it off.


  • she is beautiful she wears the shoes admirably

  • holy fuck, i want to go shopping with her, i think id give her a quick shag in the toilets, done it before with someone

  • rui lol, women wear sexy clothes now out shopping but not like that lol,

  • she wears some trampy outfits it seems, She acts like a desperate whore like majority of shallow women nowadays fact

  • yummy, i wish all women did ths when shopping lol, i just wanna lick her feet and suck on them sexy toes, she certainly has a great body, look at them hot ass legs too nice and curvy babe

  • I wish too she very fit tho, her body is insane, great legs, It goes on everywhere not so extreme when I was in college one of my tutors was lady who must have been 40 + very busty always showed her legs and she did a thing in her office where she should would go through my work individually and the whole time I was looking at her cleavage and up her legs she clocked me a few times and smiled, and other girls do who show cleavage but some get pissed even tho they show it.

    Never do it when walking about I walked past this older women the other week ho had tight leggings on and sehe looked good and I whistled at her and said something dirty to her and she slapped me and called me a perv.

    I would defo smash this women

  • i wish she was my fitness instructor, id love the lessons she would give me imagine banging her damn she is fine, those legs

  • she go’s shopping dressed up like this, so sexy god i like her, those meaty thighs are such a turn on, awesome legs.

    proper curvy babe

  • she is fit beyond epic proportions, imagine boning her bet she could go all day, what a body she has, if a women had her looks and body they would wear skimpy outfits when going out, if you got it flaunt it

  • sexy outfit, sexy women no denying she has a great body and she loves showing it off