written by Wanda

This Is What Lady Gaga Wears To Go To Lunch.

There has been a lot of talk in the press lately about Lady Gaga’s weight. While I don’t think it’s fair, I love the way she’s handling it. Instead of getting all upset about her new, curvier body, she’s showing it off. I have to admit though, from the looks of these pictures of her going to lunch at Les Pirates restaurant, it looks like much of the weight she gained has already started coming off. Or maybe it hasn’t, but it doesn’t matter either way. While I’m not loving her choice of outfit for her lunch date, I love her “this is who I am” attitude. I always have. I’m also really loving the hair color here. It looks fantastic on her. And finally, I have to mention those shoes. I adore them. I adore them in ways I can’t even explain – unhealthy, obsessive ways that lead me to believe I will dream of these shoes tonight. Christmas is coming. These would make a fantastic gift for yours truly.


  • the blonde in the top pic is fit as fuck better than gaga who is she?

  • She wore this to lunch? I realize that we all have our own tastes but this is just ridiculous. But then again I guess that is what Lady Gaga is all about. She is unique and wants people to know that. It would not be a choice that I would want my lady to make for lunch though.

  • who is the blonde piece in the top pic, she has great legs, much fitter than gaga