written by Ann

Tia Carrere’s Gorgeous Legs

Tia Carrere looked like she was at the beach and having a picnic. She showed her gorgeous legs when her wraparound swung open. She was chilling out during a short break before resuming work in the movie, “Wild Cherry.” The film set was on location in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Tia’s role was to play an exotic high school history teacher. She was popular and respected and became a mentor for her female students. Tia was beautiful and mature and she would portray such a role well.

Tia Carrere

Tia Carrere 1.jpg gorgeous legs Wild Cherry Tia Carrere 4.jpg Tia Carrere legs Tia Carrere 6.jpg Tia Carrere 7.jpg Tia Carrere 8.jpg Tia Carrere 9.jpg


  • her legs look very strong and very hot

  • strapping legs yummy