written by irene

Tiffany Mulheron Wants You To Take A Bath With Her

Oh yes, the title of this post is a mouthful but really, you can’t help but be awed with these photos of ultra sexy Tiffany Mulheron. Has your jaw dropped yet? Tiffany may still be a “starlet” but I bet you, she’ll be the star of many more films to come. This Scottish beauty will soon grace the silver screen via the movie “Lesbian Vampire Killers” (yep, that’s really the title!). These photos will definitely help catapult Tiffany to fame, don’tcha think so?

Tiffany Mulheron

Lesbian Vampire Killers Tiffany Mulheron photos sexy Tiffany Mulheron Tiffany Mulheron 4.jpg Tiffany Mulheron 5.jpg


  • I like her cause she’s hot! And well if she insists she can take a bath with me why not =)

  • She is Hot. Very Beatifull too! Thats a hard combination to find. SExy and beautifull. Post more ofthis girl. She blows Megan fox out of the Water. Naturally stunnin!!