written by Nabanita

Tila Tequila Tweaks It A Bit

If you thought Tila Tequila, hasn’t got too much mettle, you’re pretty right, but when it comes to gold diggers, there’s one who’s power you can’t undermine. So, here she is having teamed up with Casey Johnson, well, that’s one big deal. This bandaid princess certainly has the riches, and doesn’t need the publicity. Tila does, and she is getting it and much more. Here she’s seen with Casey Johnson leaving Villa Lounge in Los Angeles. Well, that certainly does pronounce togetherness, and it does seem like they’re having fun, and don’t shy away from intimacy, not even the baroness.

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila Tila Tequila Tila TequilaTila Tequila Tila Tequila Tila Tequila Tila Tequila Tila Tequila


  • Bisexual and pretty. Perfect for me (;

  • I prefer the other lady, well fit