written by Wanda

Tulisa Contostavlos And Her Cleavage. Something About Books.

I dunno – am I supposed to be talking about Tulisa Contostavlos signing books at this Book Signing Event in Buckinghamshire because all I can focus on is the cleavage in that first shot. Is there anything else to focus on here? Apparently, Tulisa wrote a book and did an event offering her signature on that book and … nope. Still just the boobs. She looks incredibly though, doesn’t she? Even looking past the boobs for a moment, if possible, she looks incredible. I love the hairstyle. It’s very casual but still glamorous. I’m not sure how I feel about the outfit as a whole but it fits her nicely and compliments her figure. I think I would’ve liked it more if the skirt were black, but still, overall, very nice. And the boobs. Always the boobs.


  • Yes that first shot does leave you looking at her boobs. Who cares about the rest of the photos? I mean none of the others are as spectacular as the first one if you want my humble opinion.

  • she is fit as f uck, she has no talent she cant sing at all, but she has a great body, huge cleavage on offer from tulisa as always.

    she loves showing her body off, pls more tulisa

  • she loves showing her big boobs, great cleavage on this hottie, she is a trampy girl, i love it, tulisa give me a blowjob we know you love it

  • id love to titty fuck this chick, she has great legs too, she is fit as fuck

  • very trashy – but great tits

  • she looks slutty here, I like it, nice face and those boobs are big, great rack, I think Tulisa should switch and do porn now she has the full package

  • massive boobs