written by Wanda

Tulisa Contostavlos And Her Fine Rear End

I can’t lie. Part of me is a little disappointed to see these photos of Tulisa Contostavlos. I think I’ve been spoiled as of late thanks to the sheer number of Tulisa Contostavlos bikini photos I’ve been seeing. I have my fingers crossed that we’ll see more of those before long. All the same, even though she’s fully clothes, Tulisa still looks incredible. To be honest, I actually really like these photos a lot. Part of me even likes them more than the bikini shots. I just love the outfit she’s rocking here. It’s casual but it’s still sexy. It shows off her legs and her caboose but still looks comfortable. Overall, truly great shots.


  • nice looking girl, she has a good figure

  • she has a fine ass