written by Wanda

Tulisa Contostavlos Has A Drink In Marbella

How cute does Tulisa Contostavlos look in these photos from Marbella? I love the hair. I love the bikini. I especially love the fact that she genuinely seems like she’s having a great time. This is a beautiful woman. Some might argue but I don’t care. I think these photos are fantastic. Tulisa really does have an incredible body and there’s just something about her that draws me in and makes me want to see more. I love a girl that knows how to have a good time and I firmly believe Tulisa is just that kind of woman. I think these pictures serve as proof. Sexy photos of a beautiful young woman having a great time.

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  • I see nicer looking women than her every day? she is overated by the media who worship this chav.

    I am not saying she is bad looking but there are much hotter girls than her