written by Wanda

Tulisa Contostavlos In A Honolulu Bikini Babe.

Tulisa Contostavlos is best known as a founding member of N-Dubz but has more recently returned to the spotlight as a co-judge on “The X-Factor”. She also plans on releasing a solo album which I, for one, cannot wait for. Here in these photos from Honolulu, Tulisa is looking fabulous, showing off her gorgeous bikini body and adding a little bit of flair with the bold, white flower in her hair. There’s just something about Tulisa that speaks to me. She’s talented, beautiful and she seems to be the kind of girl that stands up for herself without hesitation when she needs to. She doesn’t seem easily intimidated and I admire that. I don’t get the opportunity to post about her nearly enough. I hope that changes when her solo album is released.


  • gorgeous, great body too, i wanna fuck this girl so hard

    • Of corse

  • I think that she is utterly gorgeous. I do hope that in the future you do add more about her to this site. I do not even know who she is but man she is a hottie.

  • She looks very good. Tulisa is a beauty queen. She looks amazing in her bikini. That guy is very lucky to have a gorgeous gal with him as she may look too good for him.

  • she looks to good for him? theyre friends why are so many people superficial he is too hot for him if we went by this theory a lot of people would not be in relationships at all and its all opinion, whether you found a person hot or not that is subjective of course.

    I think Tulisa is pretty but I know some people that dont think she is that nice/

  • watching her and kelly rowland on x factor was reason enough to start the ultimate wank workout.

  • i would smash her hard, i bet she likes to take it up the ass too

  • You guys think Tulisa is talented?, Define Talent is she pretty, I think so, Is she talented not a chance she shows her body off, lives the high life as she is rich and she has love video’s that is talent?

  • she is fit but she is a trampy girl