written by Wanda

Tulisa Contostavlos Is As Sexy As Ever

While I loved the Tulisa Contostavlos bikini shots we were getting on a regular basis while she was on vacation in Ibiza, I’m also really liking the new shots we’re getting as well. I think Tulisa is gorgeous regardless of how much or how little she’s wearing. This lady is just flat out stunning. I really like these shots for a few reasons. The outfit is fantastic. It shows off her body without being trashy and it compliments her perfectly. I also really like what she’s done with her hair. While I like seeing her with her hair down, I like this look to. Tulisa is quickly becoming one of the women I look most forward to seeing. Beautiful lady.


  • she is a hottie, nice looking women what an awesome body, look at that big booty and those lovely thick thighs, this girl is fine as fuck

  • she has a great body, well stacked, great great ass on tulisa

  • her legs are thick, proper buff, and that ass oh yh, proper curvy chick, she has a great body and a pretty face

  • tulisa is fit, she has the perfect body really

  • showing off her sexy legs, she got such a great ass too