written by Wanda

Tulisa Contostavlos Is Still In Ibiza

Tulisa Contostavlos are nothing alike in many ways but I think there’s probably at least one thing we have in common: we never want her vacation in Ibiza to end. I know the end of her vacation in Ibiza doesn’t necessarily mean the end of sexy photos of her but I’ve been enjoying these particular photos so very much. She always looks so sexy in them, she’s always wearing a different sexy swimsuit and she always looks so relaxed and laid back. I love vacation Tulisa! These photos are probably my favorite Tulisa in Ibiza photos thus far. The suit is a great color and it not only looks fantastic on her but it also looks far more comfortable than some of the other suits we’ve seen her in. The photos of her lying back in the boat with her arm over the side? Those are photos of relaxation at its best. Great, great photos.


  • all she does is relax she has an easy partying life, but on topic fine looking chick and a 5 star body

  • man tulisa is fine , she has such a great body

  • she has great boobs

  • awesome big boobies, i wanna cum all over her pretty face