written by Wanda

Tulisa Contostavlos Rocks A Pair Of Skyscraper Stilettos In Spain

Oh shoes. My one weakness (aside from handbags and cute fluffy animals). The shows Tulisa Contostavlos is wearing in these photos are just beyond. Absolutely beyond. They are incredible. There is little in this world I love more than a woman in a hot pair of shoes and these photos give me exactly that. Tulisa Contostavlos in a pair of skyscraper stilettos in Marbella, Spain? Good heavens. Too much. I love the fact that Tulisa has chosen to pair such a killer pair of shoes with such a casual outfit. It works beautifully. I like Tulisa. She’s sexy, stylish and clearly knows how to have a good time. I think we could be friends although she might change her mind when I raided her shoe closet and stole everything that fit. And I would. I most definitely would.


  • she is fit but a total chav, dont like her at all from her image which is awful in my opinion, she is not a role model one bit , that girl with her is chelsey healey who has a cracking pair even if she is not that nice looking

    Not denying tulisa may be decent enough looking be in great shape but she is a total slut too, bet she has already boffed all them guys there

  • she has cheap like bikini’s, tacky tattoos, utter chav and chelsey healey say no more

  • tulisa has the perfect body, what curves, just look at those killer legs and a peach of an ass, I like the fact chelsey Healey has a little bit of a tummy on her, more normal Id smash the pair of them.

    She might be a chav but she is one sexy chav, I mean honestly would you kick Tuilsa out of Bed?, I would worship her body all day and night but that’s me

  • id bang her and chelsey healey, both fine, but then im not picky, i have banged fat girls who are not even that hot looking before i mean its all subjective anyway, looks and the rest of it.

    Tulisa is in fine shape tho

  • i want tulisa and chelsey in my bed, yes please hot