written by Wanda

Tulisa Contostavlos Shows Off Her Body In A Sexy Bikini

I know that we have our Tulisa Contostavlos fans around these parts but I also know that we have our readers that, well, don’t like her so much. I fall into the former category. I think Tulisa is absolutely beautiful and I think these photos of her on the beach in Marbella back up my side of the argument. Of course, there are always going to be people who disagree. The beauty of the internet is that anyone with a connection can quickly and easily share their opinion about anything and everything they want to share their opinion about. When that easy sharing of opinions is possible, disagreements are pretty much guaranteed. For what it’s worth though, I look at these photos of Tulisa and I have a very hard time seeing anything at all that looks out of place. She has an incredible body, a beautiful face and seems to be very confident. All of those things make her irresistible, to me at least. Feel free to agree or disagree. That’s what the comments section is there for.

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  • fantastic body, nice lookin girl