written by Wanda

Twilight Babe Nikki Reed In A Bikini In Miami

Nikki Reed has long been my favorite “Twilight” actress but only really because I was a huge fan before “Twilight” even happened. I remember seeing her in “Lords of Dogtown” way back in the day and just falling in love. I wasn’t crazy over her performance in “Twilight” but I think all of the actors and actresses were really held back there by some pretty serious script issues. All that is beside the point because, to me anyway, Nikki isn’t the only star of these photos. Paul MacDonald is amazing. He’s just incredible. I remember watching him on “American Idol” and wishing it was a much different kind of show. Paul didn’t stand a chance on there which is a shame because he’s most definitely talented – just not in a way that is rewarded on a show like Idol. His cover of “Folsom Prison Blues”? One of my all time favorite Idol moments. Here in Hawaii, Nikki and Paul look so happy together. They seem to be such a great couple. While I worried they were rushing things with their quick engagement, it really seems like it worked out well for them. This is a celebrity couple I’m really rooting for.


  • Love her

  • She is just gorgeous. I have seen all the Twilight movies and loved her in them. Did not know who she was before this. But I will have to look up “Lords of Dogtown” as I have never watched this either.

    • It’s a fantastic movie. One of my all time favorites.