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Tyra Banks Gets Returns To The Camera

And this time, Tyra Banks has stepped back in front of the camera instead of working on her sideline hobby which is photography. Though she made a formal statement announcing her retirement at the age of 34, as you can see, once a model, always a model. Here is Tyra in a very recent photo spread where she is not afraid to give it her all and show the world her goods. Which is nice, because she is looking healthy, and by that I mean healthy, and making it very clear that curves can most definitely be a beautiful thing.

Tyra Banks 1.jpg

Tyra Banks 2.jpg Tyra Banks 3.jpg Tyra Banks 4.jpg Tyra Banks 5.jpg Tyra Banks 6.jpg Tyra Banks 7.jpg Tyra Banks 8.jpg Tyra Banks 9.jpg Tyra Banks 10.jpg Tyra Banks 11.jpg

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