written by irene

Uma Thurman And Dangerously Sagging Breasts

These photos of Hollywood actress and “Kill Bill” movie series star Uma Thurman may have been taken last year, 2007, but still, I can’t help but think if she still has breasts that look like these! Don’t those look dangerously sagging or something? Even her thighs and the small of her back have signs of sagging fat. Yikes! I hope Uma looks way better these days. I hope she has had the time to hit the gym and strengthen those muscles and tighten that skin. Or else she may lose her new rumored fiance who’s supposedly a gazillionaire!

Uma Thurman

sagging breasts gazillionaire Uma Thurman 6.jpg Uma Thurman 7.jpg Uma Thurman 8.jpg Uma Thurman 9.jpg Uma Thurman 10.jpg Uma Thurman 11.jpg Uma Thurman 12.jpg Uma Thurman 13.jpg Uma Thurman 14.jpg Uma Thurman 15.jpg Uma Thurman 1.jpg Uma Thurman 3.jpg Uma Thurman ass


  • Anyhow I think she is hot!

  • To who ever wrote this articul about Uma Thurman.
    You are such an idiot! First of all Uma Thurman is the hottest woman on the planet.
    You must be blind or don’t like woman.
    As for her gazillinair fiance, if he has that much money, he could have any woman he wants, so I guess he picked Uma. So she must be hot to him.
    Stop being so superficial, get a life.

  • Hi Jerry,

    Wow, I sense so much pain and anger in you, man. Apparently you’re Uma’s biggest fan or else you wouldn’t say that she’s the hottest woman on the planet.

    And no, I’m not an idiot. I beg to disagree. I can, however, spell correctly. You might want to check your post again. There are just too darn many misspelled words I don’t even know where to begin.

    I’ve been writing for this website for months now and not once have I been called such a below-the-belt term. If you don’t agree with my opinion, then feel free to express your thoughts. However, you need not use words that only shows how idiotic and unlearned YOU are.

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