written by Wanda

Uma Thurman In Demure White Dress

Uma Thurman has long been one of my favorite actresses but I can’t really explain why. Perhaps it’s just lingering loyalty from the ‘Kill Bill’ days because to be honest, I haven’t seen her in something I’ve really loved since then. Although the rumors about a third ‘Kill Bill’ film have been around for quite some time, Uma recently reignited those rumors saying she’s been hearing talk of it again. Hopefully its true. Uma has always been a different kind of celebrity; offering an alternative to many of the other options in Hollywood. She’s gorgeous, but she isn’t overdone and she has a unique style. Here at the IFF Opening Ceremony of the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival, Uma looks fantastic – demure yet womanly in a from fitting white dress. There’s nothing about this woman I don’t adore.

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