written by Wanda

Vanessa Hudgens And Austin Butler Continue Their Vacation

Vanessa Hudgens and her new boyfriend Austin Butler are on vacation together and seem to be enjoying a whole lot of time on the beach. Know what that means? Lots of new pictures of Vanessa in a bikini. I decided to check out what Vanessa’s up to so I could write about more than how hot she is and how happy she looks. This is what I learned. Vanessa has a new movie coming out later this year that I absolutely have to see. It’s called “Gimmie Shelter” but no, it has nothing to do with music. Instead, it’s a gritty drama based on a true story and in it, Vanessa isn’t relying on those trademark good looks. In the promotional pictures from the film, we see a much less glamorous Vanessa and I have to say, I think the decision to make this movie was a very smart one. Let’s focus on something that rarely gets attention – Vanessa’s honest talent. This girl could be a great actress and have a long career ahead of her if she continues to make smart moves. I’m rooting for her.


  • I like the flower in her hair – complements the colour of her hair I think. I also like the white dress she has on in some of the pictures – looks pretty on her.

    I know she’s 23, but she looks younger. I wouldn’t flinch if someone told me she was 19 or 20.

  • I really really like that white dress she has on. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous in it.

    Yes, she does look younger than her age. I don’t think she looks significantly different to when she was in High School Musical.