written by Wanda

Vanessa Hudgens Bares Her Belly For The Lakers

It’s nice to see more candid shots of Vanessa Hudgens. Normally when we see Vanessa she’s all dressed up (or not dressed at all) so seeing her looking like a normal girl is pretty nice. Sure she isn’t wearing the most flattering outfit, but I think she looks pretty cute. I’m not surprised the cameras caught her holding up her shirt like she’s about to flash everyone. What really surprises me is that she didn’t. For a while, I didn’t like Vanessa because she really gives off the impression that she’s relying on her body to keep her in the spotlight. When word broke that Vanessa was actually the target of hackers and all of the naked photos that are leaking are from the same set of pictures I had a little more sympathy. That’s really here nor there, though. What I like about these pictures is that she looks like she’s ignoring all the bad press and having a blast supporting the Lakers. Maybe I was wrong about her all along.


  • Vanessa Hudgens Talks About Leaked Photos
    Because of Vanessa Hudgens email has been hacked people were curious about that another new leaked nude photos of her on the internet.

    Former Walt Disney celebrity Vanessa Hudgens is a girl on a mission.

    Not only is the Sucker Punch superstar Vanessa Hudgens putting pedal towards the metal and bolting it from the big Mouse House, she’s also providing a skeleton from her past the one finger salute. Yes, we are talking about those confidential, self-taken, blush-worthy nude photos of the Vanessa Hudgens that leaked on-line

  • I’d much rather her bare her whichamacallit again.

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