written by Wanda

Vanessa Hudgens Gets Wet

Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa Hudgens half naked. I’m not entirely sure when talking about a Vanessa Hudgens photo shoot one need to mention her lack of clothing. At this point, it’s almost assumed, isn’t it? I mean, sure, sometimes she’s playing up the cute, innocent side of her but she’s always half naked while she does it. It’s hard to argue with the logic that probably goes into that plan though. Her biggest asset really is that she’s hot. She’s a mediocre actress and an alright singer. Her body sets her apart from some of her more talented contemporaries so why not show it off. Aside from that, she obviously works hard at keeping herself in shape. Maybe I’ll stop hating on this one. Really, she’s not doing anything different than many of her peers. I’m officially removing Vanessa from my gripe list. It was pretty crowded anyway.

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  • u are sexy……………………….. bye