written by Wanda

Vanessa Hudgens Hides Her Face As She Leaves Her Yoga Class.

I used to have a pretty negative opinion of Vanessa Hudgens but she’s really changed my mind. She’s got a few scandals under her belt but aside from being foolish enough to take naked pictures of herself (which lets be honest, a lot of people have done), I really don’t think those scandals were her fault and I’d like to think she learned a lesson. As she’s seen here leaving a yoga class in Studio City, Vanessa seems a lot more camera shy than she normally is. Usually when we see Vanessa, she’s all smiles for the paparazzi. I think that’s why I like these pictures so much actually. We all have days when we just don’t want to be bothered. Perhaps these snaps were taken when Vanessa was having just such a day.

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  • Why is she hiding her face? Because she just worked out? Well no matter what she still looks great. And she is taking care of her body so that is all that matters here. We love you Vanessa.