written by Wanda

Vanessa Hudgens In Studio City

I know I give Vanessa Hudgens a hard time sometimes but I have to admit, I like casual Vanessa. The girl has really been changing my mind about her lately. Seeing her in a more relaxed set of pictures, only serves to further that improving opinion. It’s easy to forget sometimes that these girls are just girls like any other. They might be more attractive and they might have more money, but they are human beings. I was Vanessa’s age not too long ago, and I made some bad decisions. If I ever become famous, there is a TON of dirt the press could use against me – most of it makes Vanessa’s dirt look tame. I’m officially forgetting all those nude pictures. Most girls have at one point or another taken racy pictures of themselves. It’s curiosity more than vanity. Here in Studio City, Vanessa looks like any other girl her age – she just happens to be super hot and famous. Team Vanessa?


  • A ton of dirt about you, huh? Do tell ;)
    (OK then, drop a hint!)

    • Miss Hudgens and I have some things in common and that’s all I’ll say about that. :)

  • Elena97= blibeeers and sonohrina scrive:lo sapevo che non si sarebbero mai potuti lasciare. per me questa storia che si erano lasciati era soltanto una balla

  • If you ever become famous, Wanda, the best thing to do is to come out with a memoir, including all the TON of dirt. That way you’re in control, it’s out in the open, no one can dig anything up on you, and you’re making money out of it too!

  • Why’ve you given her a hard time in the past, Wanda?

    I agree. We forget that some of these young celebrities are having to grow up in the limelight. It’s a challenge enough just growing up, let alone in front of the world. We forget that some of them are still babies and are having to grow up really fast as well.

  • sexy ass vanessa thx bro

  • flat ass is flat