written by Wanda

Vanessa Hudgens Is No Slouch Either

The other day I wrote a post about Ashley Tisdale having the potential to be successful if she plays her cards right and immediately after that post went up, a friend e-mailed me to ask me why I thought Vanessa Hudgen’s career was going to crash and burn. I will address that issue now. I don’t think Vanessa is going to do poorly. She’s a beautiful young woman who really can act and has done some decent work in her time. She’s also got name recognition although that could hurt her depending on your perspective. I just happen to think Ashley has made more progress toward getting out of the High School MusicalĀ shadow. All that aside though, how gorgeous does Vanessa look in these shots taken at Ischia Global Festival? I love Vanessa. I really do and I’m sure she’ll have a long, happy career, as long as she makes smart personal and career choices. No more nude selfies leaking on the internet. Just pose for Playboy and get it over with. It worked for Drew Barrymore.

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  • she is fit as fuck