written by Wanda

Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Legs

I’m not normally the type of person that would call out a celebrity for gaining weight – especially not a young female celebrity – but I’m not sure I can avoid it this time. Here with sister out shopping in Studio City, Vanessa Hudgens is looking a little bigger than she usually looks. Her face is a bit rounder and she seems to be covering her stomach. I recently heard from a few different gossipy types that there are rumors circulating that young Vanessa may be pregnant and these pictures have me wondering if that’s true. Perhaps that’s the only reason I noticed the rounder than usual face and the baggier than usual clothes. To be fair, I don’t know Vanessa and I don’t know anyone who knows her and I’ve heard those same pregnancy rumors about pretty much every celeb in the business at one point or another. I’m just saying a bun in the over would explain the possible weight gain. It is possible that the outfit just isn’t really that flattering. Her hair could also give her face the rounder appearance. Who knows? One thing is for certain though, Vanessa has a killer set of legs.


  • Er… what weight gain? She looks hot as ever!

    • Her face looks rounder than usual. Her features are normally far more pronounced but again, that could be the way she has her hair. Or perhaps (and this is probably more likely) I read too much into the pictures because I’ve been hearing there might be a little Hudgens in the oven. I don’t know why I give those types of rumors any credit as they’re almost never true. But yes, agreed – she’s gorgeous.

  • I was going to reply something but then I scrolled up and saw her legs again, and I forgot what I was going to say…