written by Wanda

Vanessa Hudgens Works Out

Now come on, paparazzi. This is just skeazy. Let Vanessa Hudgens work out in peace. Is it really necessary to snap pictures of her in some rather compromising poses? I get that she’s sexy, that she’s a public figure and that her privacy is pretty low on a photographer’s priority list but this is really just taking the whole thing a little too far. Aside from the fact that they’re pretty tasteless photos, I have to say Vanessa is looking pretty good here. While I had my problems with Vanessa a few years back, she’s really grown on me as of late. She seems to have taken responsibility for some of her more questionable decisions, learned from her mistakes and moved on. I hope she continues on that path. She’s a beautiful, talented girl. I think she could have a long, successful career if she picks the right projects.

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  • she could give me a workout