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Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron Play Love Birds

Vanessa Hudgens and her real life boyfriend, Zac Efron, went to Staples Center in L.A. Tuesday night to watch the game. The High School Musical Stars brought good luck to their home team, the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers had a narrow victory over New York Knickerbockers, winning 116 – 114. Efron and Hudgens had ringside seats and played up to the cameras. Efron and Hudgens went cosy and played at being little love birds, while we get the pictures.

Vanessa Hudgens

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  • Vanessa: “Zac. It’s so swell of you to act like you are my committed, straight boyfriend to distract me from seeking the company of REAL men that might make me look like a cheap slut. Doesn’t Kobe look hot tonight?”

    Zac: “It’s okay Vanessa. I like you and all…just not in THAT way. I mean…I’ll be coming out as soon as my contract with Disney expires…can we still be friends? Hey…is that David Beckham over there? Mmmmmm….damn you Posh Spice…damn you…”

  • Maybe they were so excited how Sasha ‘The Machine’ played…

  • FAG!!!

  • Zac and Vanessa should totally just make a sex video together and leak it out….at least it would stop rumors that Zac is gay.


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