written by Ann

Vanessa Minnillo Plays Ball

Vanessa Minnillo attended the Pink Victoria’s Secret Rally at the Raleigh Pool Party. She was dressed in a sexy top and revealed a very fetching bust. However, she also showed her ribcage and could be slightly underweight. Vanessa looked pretty in her tanned skin condition and even her long hair was bleached by the sun. I guess spending time at the beach did wonders for her beach ball skills and general looks.

Vanessa Minnillo

Vanessa Minnillo beach by the sun Vanessa Minnillo playing ball Vanessa Minnillo 4.jpg Vanessa Minnillo 5.jpg Vanessa Minnillo 6.jpg Vanessa Minnillo 7.jpg Vanessa Minnillo 8.jpg Vanessa Minnillo 9.jpg Vanessa Minnillo 10.jpg Vanessa Minnillo 11.jpg Vanessa Minnillo 12.jpg Vanessa Minnillo 13.jpg Vanessa Minnillo 14.jpg Vanessa Minnillo 15.jpg


  • Too bad we don’t see first pic from different angle!

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