written by Wanda

Very Sexy Xenia Deli Lingerie Photoshoot

There are a lot of things to love about this Xenia Deli photoshoot. It’s obviously very sexy. I mean, who would expect otherwise? They’re photos of an incredibly beautiful young woman with a killer body in lingerie. Of course they’re sexy. What gets me about this photoshoot is the natural sort of vibe it’s got going on. Her hair isn’t overly styled. She has a bit of makeup on but it’s not dramatic or the top. This isn’t a stylized to the extreme shoot and while I do like shoots like that, this one is a refreshing change. There’s also a cute playfulness about many of these pictures. Part of that is owed to the colors and designs we see on the underwear itself but a big part of that playfulness is Xenia herself. There’s a flirty, fun feel to a lot of these photos and I really like that. All the while, she still manages to look incredible. This could be the best lingerie shoot I’ve seen in a long time.

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