written by Wanda

Victoria Justice Hams It Up For Cameras

Victoria Justice is just adorable. I want to hug her. I really do. She looks like the kind of girl that can find happiness in even the darkest things in life.The thing I like most about Victoria is that she acts her age. She isn’t trying to look older or edgier than she is. She just seems to be a sweet girl having fun. I love the playing with flowers and sticking out her tongue. As she sits on the verge of even greater success, I really hope she keeps that special something about her – the wholesomeness and the sweetness – that so many other people her age sacrifice for record sales or movie roles. I like her. I hope she doesn’t take the wrong path.


  • Nice

  • she is so cute, what a hottie

  • she is really good looking, almost unfair how hot she is, real cutie