written by Wanda

Victoria Justice In A Fun And Flirty Photo Shoot

Oh Victoria Justice. Words can’t even express the high hopes I have for this girl. She’s absolutely beautiful but with the sweetness and innocence that only a girl her age can pull off. At 18, it’s clear that Victoria’s laying the foundation to transition from Nickelodeon/Disney star to the sort of young actress that appeals to a more mature audience. I’d say she’s taking the first steps very wisely. She’s showing off a sexier side but she’s not getting trashy. She really seems to understand how important it is to display a more mature look while many young starlets try to show how grown up they are by taking off as much clothing as possible. I think Victoria has a great career ahead of her and I can’t wait to see where it takes her.


  • It’s so refreshing to see a different expression of femininity shown out there. There’s the Lady Gaga’s and the Beyonce’s, and there’s room for them, nothing wrong with that. But it’s really important (especially to teenage girls) to see a variety of female expressions, not just a small narrow selection. There should be a room for all forms.

    And so. on that note, I’m really happy to see this young lady as she is.

    • I don’t think it would be possible for me to agree with you more. I absolutely love Victoria. I so hope she stays on the course she’s on – showing maturity without giving into the pressure to be trashy.

  • I hope she stays on that path too. And if she veers away from it (she’s human, it might happen), I hope she has people in her life who care about her enough to try and steer her back on course.

  • nice, she is very fit indeed

  • wow, strikingly pretty girl, great caps of her she sure is a hottie

  • she sure is very pretty she has a great body, her legs are terrific

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  • one of the hottest girls, id take her over Selena gomez any day of the week

  • she is a cutie sure, but one of her best assets are her legs wow, in most pics she has her legs out and why not, amazing pins