written by Wanda

Victoria Silvstedt Is One Of Those Women You Either Love Or Hate.

There are very few women I write about on here that cause as much mixed feedback as Victoria Silvstedt does. Some people seem to really dislike her while others, myself included, think she’s gorgeous. Of course, we all know that old saying, “Beauty in in the eye of the beholder”. In my eyes, Victoria is stunning. Has she had a little work done? Probably but so have a lot of people on this site. I don’t think it’s fair to hold that against her. There are women out there who have clearly gone too far with the plastic surgery but I don’t think Victoria is one of them. She still looks like a human being. I think any work she’s had done has just enhanced her natural beauty and has helped ward off the aging process. She looks fantastic to me and I absolutely love these photos.

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