written by Wanda

Victoria Silvstedt Shows Off Her Sexy Side

The last time I was given the opportunity to write about Victoria Silvstedt was when she hit the red carpet in Cannes. These pictures taken in Antibes, France are much, much more flattering. This is the Victoria I love. She’s stunning and had a fantastic rear end. Thankfully, she isn’t afraid to show off her killer body and that could perhaps be what I love most about her. Just look at that body. She clearly works hard to stay in shape so why not show off that hard work? I don’t look at Victoria and see someone who looks good ‘for their age’. I love at Victoria and see someone who just plain looks good. Granted, it looks to me as if even hitting the beach requires a lot of time in front of the mirror, but I can’t hate on a girl for wanting to look her best – especially when her best looks so great.


  • Is she trying to attempt Jessica Alba’s pose?

    • Well, I’m not sure. I think they’re both gorgeous women, but I don’t really see anything uniquely Alba-esque here. Could just be me though. I miss things sometimes.

  • mikey your? allery happy