written by Wanda

Vida Guerra And Her Ass Hit The Beach

Wouldn’t it be funny if I meant a donkey? Probably not. Moving on, in these photos, we see Vida Guerra and her fine bikini body enjoying a nice day at the beach in Miami. I give Vida a hard time on occasion because I really do feel the girl is a little too in love with her body but I have to be honest. I’d probably be flaunting my curves every chance I got if I looked like Vida. This woman just has such a nice figure. I know there are some out there that don’t agree but hey, you can’t please everyone. I think these photos are great.


  • that ass is out of this world

  • ugly and fat ass…

  • Hey Anonymous. Make up your mind.

  • she is well buff

  • very hot women, i love her body, id worship her all over gladly, like her tats too, her friend looks rather nice too, threesome maybe>?

  • she has a great body, can she just get naked for us all now or just do porn soon