written by Wanda

Vida Guerra And Her Ridiculous Body In Hawaii

The last time I posted about Vida Guerra, I gave her a bit of a hard time about posting half naked pictures of herself on Twitter. That sort of thing often leaves a bad taste in my mouth but all is forgiven now. Just look at this woman. Her body is ridiculous. To be completely honest, I’m quite certain I’d be posting half naked pictures of myself all over the internet if I had a body like Vida’s. In these photos from Hawaii, Vida looks absolutely stunning. I honestly don’t think there’s anything about these photos I don’t like. She’s a total knockout and I know I’ll be paying attention any time she decides to hit the beach in a bikini.


  • id love to bang this women

  • great body, she is perfect really

  • Bit chunky I have to say, not very feminine

  • she must be one of the fittest women, that body is immaculate really, just perfect, look at tjose curves, bit chunky that is why i love her, i love curvy women as opposed to really skinny women but we all have our own tastes etc which is cool.

  • her body is immense, she would be a good ride, her ass was made for a good pounding, id smash her back doors in all day

  • vida is a goddess

  • Reverse Cowboy

  • her body is aesome