written by Christine

Vida Guerra Ass Shots

For those that are Vida Guerra fans, you can take a look at some of her most recent shots taken at the Jordan Melo M4 Launch Event in L.A. This Cuban model and actress was not shy at all for the press as she made sure they got her from uh, EVERY angle. Here’s my bootie from this side, here’s my bootie from that side, now you see it, now you don’t, oops, look how cute I am! Oh, and isn’t she though!

Vida Guerra Ass

Vida Guerra Posing Vida Guerra Ass 2.jpg Vida Guerra M4 Vida Guerra Ass 4.jpg Vida Guerra Ass 5.jpg Vida Guerra Ass 6.jpg Vida Guerra Ass 7.jpg Vida Guerra Ass 8.jpg Vida Guerra Ass 9.jpg


  • yeee looook how sexy is my ass

  • Vida always impress me. Pingo~

  • nice body … anybody has any bics of the big and beautifull (at least from the back) lady in the blue dress … :)

  • Thicktastic!

  • not just a great ass but perfect legs too. very hot women

  • best ass on the planet!!

  • Wow hot & juicy ass

  • great thick ass and legs, so meaty i wish all women were built like her, i would love to bang this women

  • nice angles of her here, nice outfit showing off her thick legs and huge bum, she is so curvy and hot, i love it

  • I wish all women had her body

  • love her curves, those nice legs, Id destroy her

  • love women who shaped like this, nice meaty

  • yh thicker curvier girls are best, i wish i got to bone vida guerra every guys dream would be raily this busty bitch and smashing her from the back