written by Wanda

Vida Guerra Really Seems To Be Impressed With Her Ass.

I can’t say I blame Vida Guerra for being a little stuck on her behind because it is most definitely a great behind but it’s hard not to feel like these Twitter pics are a little over the top. I mean, we get it – you have a killer body. Twitter pics like this always make girls look so full of themselves. Having confidence is great. Confidence is sexy. There is, however, a fine line between being confident and being full of oneself. I think Vida crossed that line with these pics. I have to be fair though. If I looked like Vida I might very well post pictures of myself just like these ones. I can’t say for sure because I love big juicy hamburgers, potato chips and pizza way too much to ever look like Vida.


  • Sorry UGLY !!!

  • id love to smash her, her ass is so good, she loves showing it off too like j lo, what a women, giving her anal is a good fantasy

  • She should be impressed with it

  • Yes it looks like she is very impressed with her behind. But really can you blame her? Look at it. It is every gals dream. I am so impressed I want my butt to look like that.

  • she has a nice body, but how vein re so many people posing taking pictures of their body on their phone, It’s like these assholes who post pics of themselves half naked on twitter,

    How Shallow are these people

  • I can see why she is stuck on herself. If I had an ass like hers I would be checking it out all day long. She is hot. And sexy and def takes care of herself. Show me some more please.

  • the world is full of self obsessed talentless big ego ridden type celebs suhc as vida guerra, her only real talent is most likely showing her tits and ass off to everyone and blowing guys.

    Her body is her talent so she has to check herself out constantly, it’s like the majority of people now on facebook who post pics of themseleves, girls who are not even legal age under 16 posting revelaing pics in skirts, what a world we live in.

    she is no role model either like majority of other so called celebs

  • she looks great but why are all good looking people or people with good bodies have to be so self obsessed, shallow they re obsessed with getting their body out at every opportunity.

  • i wanna put my tongue up her bumhole

  • love her solid legs, look at the calves on this fox and the ass is too good for words, epic ass

  • she is a shallow bitch of course posting sexy pics of herself but then most people who have great bodies feel the need to show the world at every chance, cant blame them tho but at least we get to see her in full flow

  • most girls like these tend to be very shallow and full of themsleves of course while it may mean arrogant but her body is beyond great, great curves, she has it, so she will flaunt it but i agree people who post these pics like of their bodies infrnt of mirrors or whatever are so vein its unreal

  • so shallow, the world we live in now is so materialistic and full of self confident people who love themselves too much, these kids with six packs flexing pics on twitter and stuff, you have to laugh how vein some people are

    Vida have a nice body yes sure, is she hot sure, very fine women but she probably has a crap personality and is obviously too vein

  • if you had a face and body like her i suppose it would be easy to be a bit vein. people who constantly take pics of themself on their phones though it .

    most people are arrogant nowadays because majority as mentioned post pics of themselves, ever been on facebook and stuff, you have girls showing their boobs and ass etc guys always pose shirtless, It says im a douche really

  • most people who have nice bodies are vein , how many guys post pics shirtless with six packs its the same with women who get their boobs out on web cam and pics