written by Ann

Vivica Fox Is Vivacious!

Vivica Fox looked beautiful in her three piece suit. She was going for the Lacroix show in Paris. She has managed to inject her naughtiness into a boring suit by using a low cut top that exposed her ample derriere. I admire Vivica for getting past the infamous ordeals of the past and showing us the bright prospects by moving on. I think that was what she was trying to convey with her cheeky wink. Her short bob matched her mischievous personality and told us that she had moved on.

Vivica Fox

Lacroix show in Paris Vivica Fox 2.jpg Vivica Fox 3.jpg Vivica Fox 4.jpg Vivica Fox 5.jpg Vivica Fox 6.jpg


  • this is one hot looking women with a cracking set of legs

  • yh she is fine as fuck, very pretty and great legs as you say she has a great ass too, love the cleavage here too, wish I was her man

  • what a milf

  • she is a goddess, I would love to spend a night with her, she is lovely, has a cracking figure and she is very pretty


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