written by Wanda

Watch Nashville For Hayden Panettiere. Please.

This is what bothers me about new television seasons. There are always a handful of new shows that hit the airwaves that I really get into. This past season has been a rough one for me. Most of the new shows I really got caught up in didn’t make it through the first half of their run. Some of them did but continue to struggle. I was upset with “666 Park Avenue” was cancelled. It struggled at first but was really starting to get good. I nearly wept when I heard that “Last Resort” would be joining “Park Avenue” on the list of shows ABC cancelled way too early. What does all this have to do with Hayden Panettiere? Simple. One of the few remaining shows I really got caught up in this season, “Nashville”, features Hayden as Juliette Barns, a troubled young country singer trying to grow and mature without alienating her fans, all while dealing with her assorted personal demons. Hayden is, as always, fantastic in the role but there’s a problem. The ratings for the show aren’t great. That’s why I need everyone reading this to tune in. Hayden is gorgeous so there’s that, but the show also has some decent music and great stories. If this show gets canceled, I may have to be done with television forever. In any event, in these photos we see Hayden looking gorgeous at the Lacoste/GQ Super Bowl Party in New Orleans. Hayden is beautiful and talented but doesn’t seem to have a lot of the baggage many of her contemporaries do. I think we’ll be seeing her in the entertainment industry for a long time, even if “Nashville” doesn’t make it past the first season.

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