written by Ann

“When In Rome” With Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard looked like the perfect, cute couple on the set of “When in Rome.” That’s their next new movie. Kristen played Beth, a successful and single art curator. Beth went to Rome to attend her sister’s wedding. She collected a few coins from a Fountain of Love. When she returned home, she discovered many men waiting to get her attention. It seemed that the Fountain of Love really worked to help her find love. Dax played one of the lovelorn male suitors.

Kristen Bell

When in Rome Kristen Bell in Park Fountain of Love Kristen Bell filming Veronica Mars Kristen Bell 6.jpg Kristen Bell 7.jpg Kristen Bell 8.jpg Kristen Bell 9.jpg Kristen Bell 10.jpg Kristen Bell 11.jpg Kristen Bell, back Kristen Bell, ass


  • can’t wait to see that movie :)

  • Nice camel toe moment.

  • Kristen knows how to get in a right pose :)

  • i don’t see any toes :(